UPM Implements STRATIX

United Performance Metals, an O’Neal Industries affiliate company and a global distributor of high performance metals serving customers in a variety of industries, has implemented the STRATIX metal service center software from Invera, a metal industry software specialist.


UPM implemented a full complement of STRATIX features such as on-line production planning, coil and sheet processing functions, shop floor receipt of steel coils, shop-floor production recording and on-line shipment planning.

One feature that was especially beneficial to UPM was the on-line Order Status Inquiry, which allows staff to provide and review the status of the customer’s Sales Order at a single glance no matter where the order is being processed.

Tom Kennard, UPM President, comments, “We have already realized a number of benefits from STRATIX in a matter of months. The improved communication between the various departments in our company and tools within STRATIX such as Order Status has helped improve our abilities to service our valued customers in a more efficient and timely manner.”

For Production, using the production planning screen, multiple order items can be highlighted and grouped together to create a processing job. The production staff then use the scheduling functions to move jobs from one machine to another on-line. Machine operators have terminals on the shop-floor to record production in real-time.

For Sales, STRATIX provides a suite of flexible search options that enable staff to locate the stock required, or stock that meets customer’s specific quality requirements.

Curt Gillingham, Director of Sales, also comments, “The inventory lookup in STRATIX has allowed us to be more efficient when quoting customers and taking sales orders. We have easy visibility of our stock levels for products at all of our different warehouses from just one window. This allows our staff to be more knowledgeable and accurate when quoting our valued customers.”


The implementation of STRATIX ERP allowed UPM to centralize their business into one system and included areas such as sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, non-conformance reporting, invoicing, and financials.

About United Performance Metals

United Performance Metals (UPM), an O’Neal Industries affiliate company, is a global distributor of high-performance metals serving customers in a variety of industries, including aerospace, fastener, medical, power generation, oil and gas, semiconductor and many others. UPM offers a comprehensive inventory of products, including Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, Cobalt Chrome Moly, Titanium, Duplex Stainless Steel, PRODEC®, Aluminum, and Alloy Steel in coil, sheet, strip, plate, bar and near net shapes.  FIRSTCUT+® Processing Services include slitting, shearing, cut-to-length, leveling, edging, laser gauge measurement, sawing, precision cold saw cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, precision blanks, boring, trepanning, chamfering & facing, deburring, first stage machining, heat treating and ultra-sonic testing.  For more information, visit www.upmet.com.

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