Southwest Steel Coil Implements STRATIX

Southwest Steel Coil Inc, a division of Calstrip Industries, a flat-rolled, cold rolled, hot rolled and coated products metals steel service center, has implemented the STRATIX metal service center software from Invera, a metal industry software specialist.

Southwest Steel implemented a full complement of STRATIX features such as on-line production planning, on-line slitter and cut-to-length setup functions, shop floor receipt of goods, shop-floor production recording and packaging with bar code scanning, toll processing, and on-line shipment planning.

Ed Camden, President of Southwest Steel, comments, “We selected a metal industry software with one main objective – what will help us run efficiently and provide excellent service to our customers. When our customers now call for a status of the order, we can tell them exactly where their order stands in our company, and the non-conformance reporting functions help us keep a close eye on any customer feedback and ensure our customers receive high quality products from our company.”

Southwest Steel benefited from the STRATIX unique solution to product coding that eliminates the use of traditional, complex, and cumbersome part numbers. The STRATIX inventory coding is based on the metal product’s native attributes that are familiar within the industry, and eliminates the time required to look up part numbers for each transaction.

For Sales, Southwest Steel benefits from the Sales Order Entry function where the steel coil or sheet product can be entered along with the production specifications such as the gauge tolerance, width and/or length tolerance, coil min/max coil information, and packaging.
STRATIX enables Southwest Steel to go paperless through the use of STRATIX on-line Production Planning.  From the production planning screen, multiple order items can be highlighted and grouped together to create a single slitting job. The planner can then specify the arbor layout, OD breaks, as well as additional slitting specific functions such as run full or partial, slit and re-slit, and trim.

Southwest Steel also implemented the Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR) function to manage complaints and claims. The NCR system allows faults and reasons to be recorded and later analyzed, along with the non-conformance life cycle from initial report to resolution with workflow notifications.

Greg Baumgardner, VP of sales at Southwest Steel, comments, “We are a rapidly growing company where we focus on providing a high quality product in a timely manner.  A huge advantage of the STRATIX software was that we could implement the software with no modifications – we could implement fast and not spend our company time designing what we needed, and implement under a year and on budget.”


The implementation of the metals ERP software STRATIX included sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, non-conformance reporting, invoicing, and financials.
About Southwest Steel Coil

Southwest Steel Coil is a flat-rolled service center, located in Santa Teresa, NM, carries carbon & galvanized coil, cold rolled and stainless sheet products and recently completed a building expansion to 110,000 square feet.  The company also operates a 20,000 SF finished goods warehouse in the Santa Teresa area.  Their industry-leading equipment at the Santa Teresa location includes a 60,000-pound, 72-inch by 0.25-inch/0.015-inch Loopco slitter, a 60-inch Braner slitter, and a 60-inch Iowa Precision multi-blanking line, and a 60” Braner CTL and Leveling line, installed September 2015.  Their customers include OEMs, mainly in the border cities of Mexico, but also in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.  

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