MRI Steel Framing Implements STRATIX + KPI Dashboard

MRI Steel Framing, a manufacturer of heavy duty, cold formed steel framing components, has implemented the STRATIX metal service center software and executive dashboard from Invera, a metal industry software specialist.

MRI implemented a full complement of STRATIX features such as on-line production planning, roll forming setup functions, shop floor receipt of steel coils, shop-floor production recording and packaging with bar code scanning, and on-line shipment planning.
Mark Krzyston, Vice President of Operations & General Manager of MRI, comments, “We have already realized a number of benefits in just the span of a few months with increased efficiencies from a fully integrated real-time solution. The improved communication between the various departments in our company has helped improve the flow of our orders from beginning to end and ultimately benefits our valued customers. The amazing part was that we were up and running in 5 months with no software modifications.”
MRI has benefited from the unique product coding features in STRATIX that eliminate the use of traditional, complex, cumbersome part numbers.  STRATIX inventory coding is based on the metal product’s native attributes that are familiar within the industry, and it eliminates the time required to look up part numbers for each transaction.
For Sales, MRI benefits from the Sales Order Entry function where the metal stud or track product can be entered along with the production specifications such as the gauge tolerance, width and/or length tolerance, and packaging.
STRATIX enables MRI to be more paperless through the use of STRATIX on-line Production Planning.  From the production planning screen, multiple order items can be highlighted and grouped together to create a single job to produce their steel framing products.  The Production Scheduling functions have helped sequence the production and load balance the work that is to the machines that roll form the steel framing products from steel coil.
MRI also implemented the INVEX-ONE suite of dashboards that goes across company operations including sales, purchasing, operations and finance.  STRATIX/ONE has helped allow the MRI managers to make well informed, data driven decisions, and to keep track of business activity by turning vast amounts of valuable data from the STRATIX databases into effective visuals.
Scott Richardson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of MRI, also comments, “The other major benefit is their executive dashboard INVEX-ONE, which has provided our management team business intelligence information on many aspects of our company.  Real-time booking and order information is provided throughout the day to help manage our sales and make sure we stay on target.  We were pleasantly surprised to see the dashboard up and running day-one.  A nice feature is that all information we see is real-time with no need for me to wait for nightly batch utility to extract and build data.”


The implementation of the metals ERP software solution STRATIX included sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, non-conformance reporting, invoicing, financials, and business intelligence dashboards.
About MRI Steel Framing

Since 2004, MRI Steel Framing has been a leading manufacturer of heavy duty, traditional flat-steel framing components. We are a proud American owned and operated company led by a management team with over 40 years of combined industry knowledge and experience. Their entire line of cold formed steel framing components are designed and manufactured by the finest team of professionals in the framing industry.
Steel framing products include metal studs, standard track, and slotted tracks. MRI also provides framing accessories such as resilient channel, furring channels, U-channels, angles, z-furring, and flat stock.

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