INVEX-OPS Tablet and Mobile Applications for your Warehouse and Shop Floor

The INVEX-OPS mobile and tablet apps enable your metal service center staff to perform real-time recording on the shop-floor. These apps help to increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing error-prone hand-written notes, and save you the time needed to walk to a workstation. Gone are the days of having to pass paperwork and work orders to the office, your metal service center is now working faster and smarter.

INVEX-OPS transforms a service center into a real-time operation, with the sales team having instant sales order status updates and the entire company working with maximum efficiency. 

Some features of the mobile app include:
– Location Changes
– Load Verification
– Job Updating
– Photo Attachments
– Physical Inventory
…and much more

While the tablet app provides:
– Receiving 
– Carousel Packaging 
– Production Weight Recording 
– Production Order Creation 
– Lift Preparation 
…and much more 

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