INVEX-GO: Mobile Sales and Management App for Metal

Invera has released INVEX-GO, a real-time mobile sales app for the metal industry. Management and sales teams can now get their metal business KPI’s and metrics while on the go, all in real-time.  INVEX-GO provides an overview of current sales activity for your metal service center, inventory levels, and customer sales related information, all from a single, easy to use mobile application.

INVEX-GO allows sales managers and salespeople to make well informed data driven decisions and keep track of business activity right from their mobile devices, by turning vast amounts of valuable sales data from the STRATIX enterprise databases into actionable intelligence.

INVEX-GO is a suite of mobile dashboards that include information such as branch sales activity, sales related customer information, and current inventory position.  The dashboards provide both historical analysis and open transactions.

Ray Vasson, President of Invera Corp. comments, “These mobile applications help provide valuable information for sales management to view their sales activity when away from their desks, as well as applications for their salespeople to view customer information prior to important customer visits. An important criteria for the applications was to make them very easy to use and fast. At any time of day, sales teams can now look at their smart phones to see how their business and customers are performing.”

INVEX-GO provides data in real-time, eliminating the time lag associated with overnight processing of data. Information is presented in the form of graphs, tables, and charts to facilitate the viewing of business positions, historical trends, and specific transactions. 

The following are the major mobile dashboards & functions provided by GO:

– Scoreboard with Open Quotes, Bookings, and Sales Analysis
– Daily Snapshot company overview
– Customer 360 Profile Dashboard
– Salesperson 360 Profile Dashboard
– Stock Inquiry with real-time inventory positions and details
– Order Status to access customer order status information
– Production Schedule Inquiry
– Accounts Receivable
…and more!

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