Invera Releases STRATIX Wireless Shop Floor
Functions for Apple and Android Products

Invera is pleased to announce, as part of Release 9.2 for their metal service center ERP STRATIX, all STRATIXwifi functions have been optimized for the high-resolution and multi-touch display of the iPhone 4/4S, 4th generation iPod Touch, and other high resolution smart-phones. These devices, coupled with Bluetooth scanners, provide an economic alternative to purchasing traditional wireless hand-held scanners.

STRATIX has a well-established track record of contributing to the efficiency with which Metal Service Centers perform various material management functions directly from the shop floor using WiFi devices.

STRATIXwifi Warehouse Functions

This includes the following major STRATIXwifi warehouse functions:

  • Physical Inventory Count
  • Location Management
  • Transport Delay Reasons
  • Transport Load Substitution
  • Transport Load Verification Function

The ubiquity, portability, and ease-of-use of Apple and Android products make them excellent candidates for using STRATIXwifi.