INVEX-Financials: Cloud-based tools for winning metal finance teams

INVEX-Financials provides metal service centers with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for AR, AP, and GL with native metal industry features and functions.

All Company Sizes and Structures

INVEX-Financials accommodates accounting teams at metal service centers of any size and structure, including: 

  • Single and multi-branch companies
  • Multiple companies each with their own branch locations
  • Or multiple companies located in different countries 

Note: For service centers with multiple branches, INVEX can post to the GL using branch designations for later financial statements by branch. 


INVEX-Financials supports multi-currency operations with the flexibility to handle: 

  • Buying and selling in different currencies
  • Fixed and variable transaction currencies
  • Foreign exchange gains or losses
  • Currency translation ledger 

Note: INVEX is currently live in 10 different countries around the globe, operating in different currencies and languages.

General Ledger

The INVEX GL is updated in real-time as transactions are posted in INVEX.  The GL account configuration provides flexible controls over which accounts are posted to for each type of transaction.  GL features include:

  • Journal entry management
  • Inter-branch sales and profit center allocation
  • Financial reporting tools
  • Budget maintenance

The journal entry functions include features for: 

  • Normal, standard, accrual, and reversing entries
  • Loading journal entries via Excel or CSV upload 
  • Attaching supporting documents to journal entries 
  • Security options for entering and updating data 
  • Options to specify the profit center using sub-accounts 
  • GL drill-throughs to view source transaction information 

Accounts Receivable

The AR module is used to manage the collection, review, tracking, and follow-up of outstanding receivables, features include:

  • Cash receipts
  • Payment history
  • Credit verification features for quotes and orders
  • Credit hold and release functions
  • Electronic interface for cash receipt uploads by customers

As quotes and orders are entered into INVEX, a comprehensive set of 18 verifications are performed before placing an order on credit hold.

  • Workflows and alerts to notify credit approvers of orders held 
  • The ability to group customers together for credit purposes 
  • An easy-to-use credit hold inquiry to view and release held orders 

AR also includes a comprehensive credit information inquiry that is used to view:

  • Credit limit, exposure, and aging information 
  • Open AR, credit narratives, and pre-bill information 
  • A job credit system for companies who provide material to large projects

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable section includes voucher and invoice cost reconciliation functions that allow metal service centers to:

  • Post vouchers with matching
  • Receive invoices electronically via EDI
  • Enter vouchers for metal, freight, processing, and more

AP also includes: 

  • AP inquiry  
  • Payment history 
  • Cash disbursements 
  • Check printing 
  • Outstanding check reconciliation 
  • Attach vendor invoices to vouchers 

INVEX also provides the following added tools for metal finance teams:

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