STRATIX/EDIX is an EDI ready platform that helps you harness the power of EDI to connect to your customers, outside processors, and vendors through a simple and adaptable mechanism that is fully integrated with STRATIX.  This approach streamlines communications between STRATIX, your EDI engine, and your trading partners, using EDI standards such as X12, OPS, and customized transaction exchanges.

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Benefits of STRATIX/EDIX:

  • Facilitates EDI between your service center and trading partners.  
  • Enhance customer service through real-time data automation.
  • Fully compatible with STRATIX/CSX API.
  • Reduce manual data entry, improve data accuracy.
  • Provide access to EDI data without granting access to STRATIX database.
  • Enables you to easily send and receive EDI data to and from your EDI engine of choice.
  • Knowledge of individual database tables not required.
  • Real-time EDI monitoring and management using SENTRY application.