How to Automate with EDI

Invera, the metal industry software specialist, announces the release of STRATIX/EDIX, the EDI ready exchange platform that natively integrates with STRATIX ERP to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of EDI for metal service centers.  

STRATIX/EDIX (or ‘EDIX’) enables metal service centers to improve efficiency and customer service through EDI automated, real-time transaction processing within STRATIX ERP, thereby greatly reducing manual data entry and reconciliation efforts between customers, vendors, and outside processors, with your EDI engine of choice.

EDIX reduces the complexity of setting up EDI by providing intermediate tables that contain EDI X12 data.  This eliminates the need for customers to obtain information from their ERP directly or to lose time formatting data to X12.  This dramatically reduces the time to implement EDI while also reducing cost.  Hence making EDI more accessible to the metal service center market using STRATIX ERP.   

EDIX fully supports custom data extraction for outbound data, and validation/modification of inbound data through the use of stored procedures.  EDIX also includes the real-time EDI monitoring utility SENTRY, where EDI transactions can be viewed and managed.   

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