INVEX-CUSTOMER is a self-service portal built for the metal industry to provide self-service and e-commerce functions over the web. INVEX-CUSTOMER provides easy-to-use metal specific applications to lookup product and order information. It allows users to enter quotes and orders using a reliable, scalable, real-time system that operates over the web and is fully integrated with the INVEX metal industry enterprise software.


  • Metal specific platform
  • Can be used on a desktop or tablet
  • Integrates with the existing metal service center’s website
  • Allows for branding to personalize various aspects of the application
  • Real-time data sourced from INVEX ERP


  • Customers can quickly view quotes, orders, shipments, & invoices
  • Customers can purchase customer consigned material
  • Customers with JIT programs can view finished goods available on the shop floor
  • Quote Entry using a product catalog & cart
  • Quote to Order Conversion

customer self-service portal

cust self service

Easy to navigate

Customer can quickly view their open quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices – all in easy to navigate screens. Customers can convert their quotes to an order and view their business documents including sales acknowledgements, quotes, packing slips, bill of lading, mill test certificates and invoices.

quote entry

invex customer 2

Flexible lookup function

To build a quote, customers can easily lookup products from your product catalog, and add them to their cart with standard or custom dimensions. Whether searching for an angle or stainless sheet, the flexible lookup function makes it easy for a metal service center’s customers to quickly find what they need.

  • Products native to the industry
  • Search by Grade or Finish
  • Search by Thickness or Cross Section
  • Wildcard searching
  • Price Book integration

my part number

my part number

Customer Part Numbers

For service centers with JIT programs where finished goods are produced in advance, customers can view their finished goods available on the metal service center’s shop floor using their specific customer part numbers, and select the tags they want to have shipped to them.