Customer Web Portal

INVEX eCOMMERCE is a web-based application that can be used by your customers to expedite the sales process. INVEX eCOMMERCE is Web and Mobile friendly, enabling your customers to access their portal 24-7.

features of Invex eCommerce

Everything you need to know

  • 24/7 Access

    View and check the Status of Existing Orders

  • Everything is Stored

    Retrieve documents from previous and open orders
    - Quotes, Sales Acknowledgements
    - Packing List, Test Certs and Invoices

  • Control Everything

    Create Quote Requests, Quotes, and Orders

  • Orders Management

    Create an Order based on 'Ready-to-Ship' Material (Call-off-Orders)

  • Easy to Manage

    Convert a Quote into an Order

  • Easy and fast product lookup

    Search a product catalog, frequently purchased products, previous orders or customer part numbers to find the exact product needed.

  • Price product items online

    Set up price books for generic or customer-specific pricing.

  • Consigned Stock

    Purchase Customer Consigned Material