Company Specified Extensions (API)

Invera, the metal industry software specialist, announces the release of STRATIX/CSX, an optional product that provides customer specified extensions for their metal service center software STRATIX. This new function provides a flexible and powerful tool to extend the use and functionality of STRATIX by enabling each customer to create customized data, processes, and documents to meet unique business requirements.


The new STRATIX/CSX function will allow a company to extend STRATIX to meet a company’s unique needs. Data and processes can be added, and business documents can be customized, to meet these specific requirements. STRATIX/CSX includes the creation of non-STRATIX data elements, creation of non-STRATIX applications or functions, and customization of Business Documents.

STRATIX/CSX Components

  • Company Defined Fields
  • Document Customization
  • Company Specific Applications
  • Exchange Interfaces

Peter Doucet, VP/Consulting at Invera, comments, “The addition of STRATIX/CSX is a big step forward for our customers that wish to add personalized value around the STRATIX enterprise system. Changes range from adding their own fields to calling and integrating their own applications. The possibilities for our customers to extend the use of STRATIX now becomes unlimited. They can add what they need, when they need it.”

For more on STRATIX/CSX, click here.

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