Cloud Service

STRATIX ON-DEMAND is a service option that uses the Internet cloud to eliminate the capital and expense of acquiring, maintaining and upgrading the hardware, operating system, and STRATIX.

Cloud service allows your organization to focus on other projects while not having to worry about hardware administration and maintenance.

benefits of cloud service

Everything you need to know

  • Dependable

    Since in its inception, STRATIX ON-DEMAND has had a 99.99% uptime with no data loss

  • No IT resources for hardware

    Let your IT team or service provider work on other projects instead of administering the STRATIX Server and environment

  • Secure

    VPN and HTTPS based secure environments

  • Pay as you go

    Pay monthly, with no upfront costs for hardware

  • Easy Expansion

    No need to worry about data capacity

  • Accessibility

    Access or Download your data whenever you need it