New Building Product and Panel Features in STRATIX

Invera, the metal industry software specialist, announces the release of a Metal Building Panel Module for its metal service center software STRATIX. This module is for companies that produce metal building composite panels and profiled panels made from pre-painted and coated metals.

Features specific to building products were added throughout STRATIX and streamlined in the same functions that are used to produce typical metal products such as coils, sheets, and structural products.

  • Special Inventory Control for painted coils & profiled panels
  • Project Orders (i.e., large, summary orders against which releases are created)
  • Streamlined Order Entry for rapid entry of panels
  • Piece & Mark Numbers
  • Flexible Pricing by Weight, Feet, Square Feet, Lineal Measure (feet/meters), Pieces, Lot (for coils, panels, etc.)
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plan content of each skid, pallet, etc. in advance (based on customer requirements)
  • Tracking for Flashing, Accessories (screws, rivets, etc.), Roof Underlayment, Foam Core, Film, etc.
  • Specialized Processing Layouts (for roll-forming, dual composite, composite, cut-down, etc.)
  • Specialized Production Recording Functions

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