Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Your Metal Business

A reliable IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of a successful metal business.  But setting up and maintaining servers and infrastructure within your organization requires specialized equipment and contingency planning to mitigate against severe weather events, malware threats, and hardware failures, all of which can be time consuming and capital intensive.

These are the top 5 benefits of cloud hosting for your metal business:

1) Reliability: With a reliable cloud hosting service, such as Invera’s OnDemand program, you can experience best-in-class up-times with geographically redundant data centers.  No more waiting for your IT department to get your business back online.

2) Simplicity:  Imagine how much more simple and streamlined your metal business could be without hardware failures and system upgrades.  Those racks of application servers in your climate controlled closet are a ticking time bomb, just waiting to fail.  

3) Security:  A quality cloud hosting service will provide redundant SOC certified servers across multiple geographic regions that meet the highest structural and environmental standards.

4) Accessibility:  Have access to your data anytime by VPN, anywhere.  Need to securely login remotely?  We’ve got you covered.

5) Flexibility:  A quality cloud hosting service will provide elastic pricing and resources, pay for what you need, add as you grow.

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