About Invera

Invera is the largest metal industry software company that provides metal service center software and metal industry ERP software. We have been providing our customers with a unique, competitive edge for over 40 years.

Our metal industry software products address the distinct and complex requirements in all areas of sales, multi-step production, inventory management, shop floor operations, and productivity.


  • Metal Industry Specialists

    Dedicated exclusively to metal ERP software since 1977

  • Over 100 Employees

    Largest software company serving metal service center industry

  • Complete Product

    All metal forms: beams, bars, pipe, plate, coil & sheet, building products, wire, panels & profiles, etc.

  • Global System

    U.S., Europe, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Far East.

  • Reliability & Scalability

    Proven history of reliability, data integrity, ease-of-use, & superior management tools with over 250 implementations to date

  • Out-of-the-box Usage

    No modifications required

  • Consistent Management Direction

    Senior management together for over 30 years

  • Internet Products

    Focused on extending our products over the Internet

  • R&D Focus for Long-Term Customer Commitment

    Over 50% annual revenue and 70% staff dedicated to product development. New features driven by Invera and our customer base