STRATIX/BI is an optional STRATIX product that provides companies with the ability to create reports, dashboards, and inquiries using COGNOS BI without having to build a metadata foundation. STRATIX/BI is available for out-of-the-box usage.

With STRATIX/BI, companies can use STRATIX tables with better clarity and ease. It also eliminates the need to manage the repository with each new STRATIX release.

Metadata Repository

A Metadata Repository is provided with STRATIX/BI for each new STRATIX release. It contains information about all user-accessible tables and data elements that reside in the STRATIX operational database and associated STRATIX databases, such as the General Ledger and Information Warehouse.

Repository information is available in English with descriptive names for all relevant database columns. It also provides all logical relationships among applicable STRATIX tables.

The Repository also enforces the same access security as STRATIX, such as restricted access by branch/warehouse or for specific data such as cost, price, and profit. This greatly reduces the time and resources required to create reports since the access security is automatically inherited by any COGNOS BI-created applications.

A comprehensive Data Dictionary and Database Reference are also available.

Operations Integration of Reports

COGNOS BI reports can be made available on the STRATIX menu as an external executable. COGNOS can also catalogue, execute, and email reports developed via COGNOS BI.