Executive Dashboard

STRATIX/ONE is a management information and business analytics dashboard system that delivers an overview of metal service center operations from a single, easy to use web application. STRATIX/ONE allows managers to make well informed data driven decisions and to keep track of business activity by turning vast amounts of valuable data from the STRATIX ERP databases into actionable intelligence. Information is presented in the form of graphs, multi-column tables, charts, dials and gears to facilitate viewing of metal business positions, historical trends, and specific transactions.


STRATIX/ONE includes the following suite of dashboards:

  • Daily Scoreboard with Bookings, Sales, and Order Backlog Information
  • Historical Bookings and Sales Information
  • Quote Activity and Conversion Ratios
  • Inventory Overview
  • Production Schedule Summary
  • Historical Production Analysis
  • Delivery Performance and Shipment Analysis
  • Finances
  • Sales Ranking

Summary and Drill-Through Capabilities

STRATIX/ONE allows managers to view summary level information from the dashboard and drill-through to supporting details. This allows the viewer to obtain high level insight of the metal service center and then zoom into important details to help make informed decisions and expedite as needed.


Information Delivery

STRATIX/ONE Dashboards deliver a rich suite of information across all areas of your business, helping senior managers, department managers and other stakeholders to quickly access the data, trends and KPI’s that are important to their functions and decision making. The following are just a sample of the powerful information at your fingertips with STRATIX/ONE:

  • Booking and sales for the day
  • Order backlog for the next few weeks and months
  • Quote to order conversion ratios by customer and salesperson
  • Sales by customer with comparison to budgets
  • Production jobs scheduled the next few days by machine
  • Delivery Performance month-to-date and the past 12-months
  • Transport costs by route month-do-date and the past 12-months

Branch and Warehouse Information

All dashboard views can be run to display information for a branch or warehouse and in some cases for multiple branches or warehouses at the same time. The standard STRATIX ERP user security is applied to ensure that the users can only view information for a branch or warehouse for which they are enabled.

Packaged Dashboard

STRATIX/ONE can be used as-is for quick and easy deployment, or for companies that wish to modify or create supplemental dashboards, STRATIX/ONE can be licensed in conjunction with STRATIX/BI.
When using STRATIX/BI, companies will have view access to all the data from the STRATIX/ONE data-warehouses. See STRATIX/BI for more information.
The STRATIX/ONE data-warehouse includes a reporting database that is built in real-time by the STRATIX ERP. This allows for real-time dashboard views and reduces the need for nightly utilities to build the reporting data-warehouse.


A Closer Look at the Dashboards

Daily Scoreboard

The Daily Scoreboard provides real-time bookings, sales, and order backlog information and provides up-to date information on the metal service center activity. Dashboard views include: Bookings by Salesperson, Bookings by Product Line, Sales by Salesperson, Sales Order Backlog, and Credit Held Sales Order Backlog.

Bookings and Sales Dashboard

The Bookings and Sales dashboard provides historical sales and budget information including: Branch Sales Projection, Sales by Sales Staff, Sales for Top Customers, Sales by Product Line, and more. Budgets can be established for each Branch and Customer.


The Bookings dashboard provides historical booking information and includes information such as: Number of orders or items, Booked weight and revenue, Booked weight and revenue per weight, Weight per Order, Booked revenue per Item, Profit per Order.

Quote Activity and Conversion Rates

This dashboard contains views to help view trends based on either month-to-date or the past 12 months. Information provided includes the quote and quote items entered, lost quote items and weight, quote to order ratios, and sales orders entered directly with no quotes.

Ranking Dashboard

The Ranking dashboard provides 8 sub-dashboards with rankings by organization, customers, salespeople, and products.


The inventory dashboard provides incoming and existing inventory information for a single branch or multiple branches. In addition, users can drill-through to see the incoming purchase order details.

Operations Outlook Summary

The Operations Outlook dashboard provides current production summaries of individual machines or groups of machines, as well as shipment summary information. In addition, users can drill-through to see the open production jobs.

Historical Production Analysis

The Production Analysis dashboard provides historical production and shipment summary information. The historical production information includes produced weight and scrap percentages by machine, and the ability to see the number of picks by bay.

Shipment Analysis and Delivery Performance

The Shipping Analysis dashboard provides historical shipment and delivery performance information for single or multiple warehouses. In addition, users can drill-through to see shipment details and late delivery reasons.


The Finance dashboard provides accounts receivable and accounts payable information for single or multiple company branches. Users can also drill-through to see summary information by customer or vendor.