invex-logoShaping the next phase of Internet commerce in the Metals Industry, Invera offers our INVEX suite of products. As a web-based product, INVEX enables companies and their customers to access a wealth of information and self-service functions around the clock and around the world in the language of their choice.

INVEX Products

  • Web Customer Service & eCOMMERCE
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Executive Dashboard

INVEX Product Features

Accessible on any browser-based device (laptops, tablets, PCs, Macs)
Tablet Access for Web Customer Service & eCOMMERCE (Apple, Android, or Microsoft)
Personalization & Branding (company logos, background colors, font, notes)

Web Customer Service & eCOMMERCE

Web Customer Service and eCOMMERCE enable customers and company staff to quickly, easily, and securely access frequently-requested information. Web Customer Services displays quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices, along with supporting documentation. eCOMMERCE includes quote/order request entry, ready-to-ship material, and purchase of consignment material. More>>

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is used by sales and sales management staff to view and maintain in-depth information about customers and prospects, contacts, sales analysis, and market intelligence. More>>

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard is a web-based dashboard that allows management to get an overall view of operations at all facilities. More>>

INVEX Benefits

  • Real-time Availability 24/7
  • Fully integrated with STRATIX
  • Access from anywhere with a Web browser
  • Tablet Application for Web Customer Service & eCOMMERCE
  • Great image booster
  • Helps secure customers that require web service/eCOMMERCE
  • Fast Deployment