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STRATIX/CSX (Customer Specified Extensions) is a STRATIX software product that enables companies to extend the use of STRATIX by developing and implementing their own additional functionality. 


  • Company Defined Fields
    • Record and track information unique to business, market, or operations
  • Document Customization
    • Tailor STRATIX business documents (Quote, Acknowledgment, Work Order, Purchase Order, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Invoice, etc.) to meet internal, vendor, or customer requirements
  • Company Specific Applications
    • Create custom applications and integrate them with STRATIX (for example, integrate customer's pricing application with STRATIX quote/order) 
  • Exchange Interfaces
    • Integrate third party applications (such as SigmaNEST)
    • EDI Integration
    • Operate real-time
    • Provide high level of reliability and data integrity