> Over 600 locations
    > 13,000+ users
    > Installed in 17 countries
    > Customers’ sales range $30m-$3b
    > Metal service centers, distributors, and processors
    > Carbon, alloy, aluminum, titanium, stainless, red
       metals, plastics, and more

    STRATIX is a comprehensive steel and metal industry ERP specifically for the metal industry. » More

    INVEX is aimed at streamlining the business processes among service centers and customers. » More

    Quickly and easily access STRATIX via the Invera Technology Center. » More

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    • Increases Sales
    • Increases Profits
    • Improves Productivity
    • Improves Customer Service

    STRATIX is the leading ERP software for the steel and metal industry and includes unique functionality that addresses the specific needs of the distinct metal industry segments. Find out how STRATIX can help you maximize your operations, increase your profits, and help your company grow competitively by clicking on the industry segment that best matches your business profile.